I had a secret

I had a secret I had to keep. So I disappeared a bit. I was so afraid of my big secret getting out that I was afraid I would say something accidentally to someone from my plurk friends and it would end up on my twitter. Then somehow my family would find out. I don’t think that my kids actually read my blog. They’re teenagers. But I wasn’t willing to chance anything. I didn’t even tell Hubby. My Big Secret????????

Army Boy came home for a few days. I was so happy to have him home. Even if it is only for a few days. I planned a Birthday party for OD. She turned the big 25 on monday. I invited the family together for her party, nothing special, just a relaxing day around our Pool (the unheated hot tub) and some food & cake. No-one told about my Present that was here. It was such fun seeing the reactions of everyone as they discovered that AB had come home as a surprise.


I had so much fun watching the kids playing together. Even DGD got in on the fun in the way that only a 2yo can. I’m so happy I had this great day with all my babies (even the slightly adopted ones). Thank you guys for such a great day. AND Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

I’ll tell you about the spinning and knitting later.


I made Yarn

I finished the spinning of the singles a few days weeks back. Last night and this morning I plyed up the singles to get a very nice 2 ply. I got 12 yards on the first little skein as it broke apart from the rest of the singles.

 It’s a cute little skein that I’ll use in a baby blanket that I have planned.

I also got a great skein of 150 yards.


The last picture shows the colors much better. It’s a pretty green, a bit of yellow and a soft beige. I have more of this spun into singles that I think I’m gonna try to navajo ply. I have a few days off to play so I want to get a bunch of knitting on GM, some knitting on the SMS shawl and more plying done. Lets see how much really happens.

Bath Mat

We all need bath mats. They soak up the drips so that we don’t slip. If your life looks like mine they wear out kinda quick. My old bath mat was in pretty sad shape. Oddly, I didn’t know this until I saw a huge(I mean 10 inch) hole in one end of it. I quickly grabbed my size 10 (6mm) needles and a one pound cone of cotton that I got in the P&C clearance sale. 2 very short days later I have a new bath mat.


I’ll make more of these when I decide what the new decorative scheme will be. This quick project adds 250 yds to my total for the 5K and 1 skein to the stash dash. ETA: My math is bad. The teachers must have kept my brain for the summer. This mat is actuallly 328 yards.

 I’m also getting some spinning done while waiting for data to upload. It’s not quick but it is fun. I spent yesterday afternoon playing with my new trindles. Wow, I’m in love. Not that I don’t love my other spindles. Below are the pictures of what I managed on my first day of spinning with the trindle.

single on the bobbin Start of the day middle spinning End of the Day

I’m letting the single rest for a few days then I’ll decide how I’ll ply it. I’m thinking Navajo. Back to work & some more spinning.

Random Wrap-up

It’s another one of those weeks. Instead of a formal post I’m just putting all my random thoughts into one post.

1. Tour De Fleece starts tomorrow. I have my Trindles ready. I’ll go decide which fiber to spin in a little while. I wanted to finish the green I was spinning but I ran out of time. Maybe I’ll try to finish that first and still spin another braid too. That picture isn’t of my trindles, I borrowed it from the web.

2. I haven’t touched the 2 shawls or the 2 tablecloths I have going in forever weeks. I just don’t have the brain power for charts.

3. Because I haven’t worked on any of my large projects, I don’t think I have much chance in the 5K.

4. I started a bath rug. It’s working up very quick. Large needles & cotton make for quick work. That and it’s a super easy pattern & I don’t need to worry about how much my brain can handle. Because I have been asked to share my secret to this project I’m sharing it here.

Cast on any multiple of 4 stitches that give you the desired size.
Row 1 & 2 – Knit 2 Purl 2 until end.
Row 3 & 4 – Knit across.
Repeat these 4 rows until your bath rug is the desired size.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 once more. Bind off
I don’t block a project like this. Just throw it in the washer & dryer, then drop it on the bathroom floor.

That’s all for now. It will be a busy few days. Hope everyone in the US has a wonderful and safe July 4th.

Shop the stash

I’ve been cleaning out my stash. Trying to do a little organizing. hoping to get a handle on all the things I have and all the projects that are in progress. Since I have crafting ADD, I have a lot of different things going at the same time. Some Knitting, Beading, Spinning, Tatting,Weaving, Crochet, Sewing. It’s in the mix. I have a stash that has expanded drastically lately. I’ve hit a few closeout sales. I’ve hit a few regular sales. And I’m constantly on the lookout for a deal. My justification that this is my retirement fund is only going so far. Sadly this only hits me when I try to organize the stash.

I don’t do diets in any form. I find that for me it is counterproductive to deny myself. I only end up wanting more till I get what I’m craving. This plan really backfires when I’m avoiding chocolate and milk products. So I’m gonna try something kinda new. When I want to start a project I’m gonna shop the stash first. Hopefully this will help me get a handle on things a little bit.

So this is will be Hopefully my new motto. It doesn’t mean that I’m not doing any shopping. But hopefully it will remind me to look at what I already own to see if I have the perfect yarn/fabric/beads for a project before I pull out the credit card.

I’ve been working on a few of my current knits. I have no new finished objects but I’m getting close on a few. 

I had to switch computers & finish something none wants to hear about WORK. I did manage to cast on a bath rug out of stash yarn. I need a project that is brainless. This completely counts. Sadly, it’s also drastically overdue. I could see the floor thru my old bathrug. I have lots of lace OTN. That’s not a good choice when I can barely remember my name.

I’m hoping that I can get caught up on the work so I can enjoy some of this weekend’s holiday. Happy Knitting.

I’m a joiner

Which usually gets me in to all kinds of trouble. What have I joined now?

I love my Plurk buddies. They encourage me to try to accomplish all kinds of things. Tour De Fleece is a celebration of the accomplishments of the athletes competing in the Tour De France. It’s a friendly competition of spinning. I have several drop spindles and a decent supply of fiber. So I’m joining in to the fun. From July 2nd to July 24 I am committing myself to spin each day that is allowed. There are a few rest days. I haven’t decided which fiber I’ll spin but I do know that I want to spin enough yarn that I can knit a shawl. Wish me luck.

Must B Summer Socks

These are a project that I started for hubby as an anniversary gift. Our anniversary was in March. originally when I started these I expected to be done on time. Then I realized it was gonna be a little late. Then I figured out that they would actually get done just in time for 80 degree weather.

I was right. But they’re done now. Winter and the cold will return sooner than we want it. And hubby will have a great pair of boot socks to keep him warm this winter.