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Of myself. I finally managed to finish the GM Tablecloth. It only took me 3 days to clean off the table so I could put it out.

Pattern Galadriels Mirror by Susan Pandorf

Knit with Royal Crochet cotton

Needles 2.5mm in every size from double points to a 60″ cable needle.

Beaded and knit as a full square. Pattern adjustments are available thru the designer.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.




Now I’m off to work on some other projects that need some love and attention. Happy Knitting


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I’m still here. As always, life gets in the way of my good intention to blog more often. I have made some progress in the last week. I’m now four rows and the bind off away from finishing my GM tablecloth. I’ve been working hard on getting it finished. I’m hoping to get some good pictures when its finished.

I did manage to knit up a quick little sweater for my DGD. She needed a little something to go with her new dress for her birthday pictures. You never know how cold the AC will be.

   Baby Shrug

  Pattern made up from a stitch directory. The pattern was named Feather Lace. I used a 3.5mm needle and cast on what ended up being the center of the shrug. I then knit both sides out at the same time using a long circular needle.

Tour De Fleece has finished. I did manage to cross the finish line but I was a few days behind the rest of the competitors. I wanted to spin the green fleece that I got from Rhinebeck last year. I managed to finish the green, then I came across some of the pink that I got at the same time. (it had been hiding from me) I finally finished the pink today. Maybe now I can start spinning some of the fleece that has managed to find its way to my stash.

   150 yds. 2 ply

I’m pretty proud of how well this came out. It’s a little thick and thin, but mostly even. I plan to make some baby blankets out of these smaller pieces of handspun. I have some white bucle in the stash that I think will look great. Someday. Definitely not today.

Well, it’s work week. And I have something else going on that’s slowing down my knitting. I still have hopes of putting in a good showing on Summer Stash Dash. I think I can get close if I can work on GM.

Happy Knitting.

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Which usually gets me in to all kinds of trouble. What have I joined now?

I love my Plurk buddies. They encourage me to try to accomplish all kinds of things. Tour De Fleece is a celebration of the accomplishments of the athletes competing in the Tour De France. It’s a friendly competition of spinning. I have several drop spindles and a decent supply of fiber. So I’m joining in to the fun. From July 2nd to July 24 I am committing myself to spin each day that is allowed. There are a few rest days. I haven’t decided which fiber I’ll spin but I do know that I want to spin enough yarn that I can knit a shawl. Wish me luck.

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I’m out of control this week. I have managed to sign up for the Tour De Fleece, and a Mystery Shawl Along. I still have my Summer Mystery Shawl #2 on the needles, The Evenstar Along with Erin and Steve, and my Stash Dash 5K all going. I’m also doing a Quilt A Long, but that will be a little easier since I’m not trying to make the quilt, but a bunch of holiday gifts.

I do have a few purchases on the way. I bought my own birthday gifts this year. What a great way to get what I want. I’m hoping that the mail man/lady has some goodies on the truck for me soon.

I am having a hard time with one thing though. Beading hooks. So far I have broken 2 of these this week. I must be pulling on them too hard or something. I’m just gonna have to order more since the beading bug that has bitten me doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It better not, I have a ton of half-finished projects with beads.

I better get my butt back to work or I’ll never finish for the Stash Dash. Happy Knitting.

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It’s the end of the work month, so it’s getting crazier here. But I did manage to create a couple of Knit/Spin Meters. I hope they help me keep track of what I’m doing for the Stash Dash 5k. I have managed to finish my first 2 items.

First up is my SMS.

 Maybe I can get an unblocked picture when the girls get home.

I used Molly’s Toes sock yarn. 100% superwash Merino, 2 ply in the Peach Sorbet colorway.(currently out of stock) I used 73 grams from the skein. This equals about 286 yds for the 5K. I’ve already cast on a pair of socks for my grand baby out of the leftovers.

Next up I have some handspun. I made a 2 ply with this. It’s not bad for an early try. I have 35 yds in a pretty pink that will likely become a baby hat.

It’s a bit uneven but I’m pretty proud of myself.

 Now I’m off to knit for the night. See ya soon.

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Theres lots of little things going on here. Caution; This is a photo heavy post. One is just waiting for a fitting. One is waiting for other friends to join it. Some spinning has started. Then there’s just Spring Entertainment. So let’s recap.

 These are some hats that I’m helping a cheer mom with. She’s providing me with the yarn and I’m knitting up the hats. There’s some customization that she will be doing. These 6 hats needed a little extra love knitting.  As with any project trying to match what someone else is doing, getting the gauge/sizing exactly right can be tricky. But I’ve been at this long enough to fix it quickly easily.

 Here’s the tank top that I was finishing for another Cheer mom. It’s first fitting surprised me. I thought that it would be too small but it fit’s beautifully.  Now It’s waiting for a last fitting just to get the straps right.

 This is not just yarn, but yarn that I made. It will be a long time before I get good enough to spin my own yarn for a shawl (that’s the goal). Good thing I bought all that other yarn on sale.

 The socks are plugging along. I’m working on the gussett increases. It’s simple knitting. I took it with me the other day but didn’t get much done. I forgot the rule of how many increases I needed so I put it aside until I could look it up. Now I know the rule but can’t get it back into line for more knitting. I like the idea of this being DH’s anniversary present. There’s just no way it will be done on time. Well, it’s not like it would be the first time I gave a ball of yarn or a half-finished project as a present.

 Simple socks in a self patterning yarn became the project instead. Plain simple socks. Nothing special. Just knit. So I didn’t have to pay much attention to these and was able to watch the cheer competition instead of my knitting.

 I started another shawlette. The Ravelry link is here. The pattern is for a shawl but since I only have 1 small skein of this yarn I’ll just knit till I run low. I have large shawl patterns on the needles galore. Spring is coming and I need a few little pops of color to brighten my mood.

And on the topic of spring. The forces have figured out how to help me to get the windows cleaned. I’m being entertained.

 Kitty has found that she can sit in the office window and watch the squirrels and birds at the feeder. It’s a source of entertainment for me to watch her from my knitting chair. Of course the view I have only makes me realize how many doggie prints are on the windows and doors in the sunroom. So in my own fashion, I’m starting on getting those windows cleaned. 1 at a time. You can’t rush these things. They really are staring to get on my nerves. After months of everything being closed up it’s time to enjoy the unfiltered sunshine.

Back to work on all those little things that are waiting for me. Happy Knitting.

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Since I woke up to this today

I won’t be rushing out to get my work done today. So instead it turns in to this.

There’s a bunch of things in there. A shawl, a few bibs, a couple of pairs of baby socks, and a baby outfit. After a good soak (I’m using a nice smelling shampoo) they’ll hit the towels, if I can find any, and then the blocking boards. Finished pictures will follow later.

After that I need to get going on this

before spring gets here. That top sock needs to be just a schooch bigger than the store-bought one on the bottom. I’m finding this is a good way to measure the desired length without showing the socks to the giftee.

Yes, Schooch is a technical word. It’s in the same category as smidge. Stay warm and enjoy Presidents Day.

Happy Knitting.

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