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I’m still here. As always, life gets in the way of my good intention to blog more often. I have made some progress in the last week. I’m now four rows and the bind off away from finishing my GM tablecloth. I’ve been working hard on getting it finished. I’m hoping to get some good pictures when its finished.

I did manage to knit up a quick little sweater for my DGD. She needed a little something to go with her new dress for her birthday pictures. You never know how cold the AC will be.

   Baby Shrug

  Pattern made up from a stitch directory. The pattern was named Feather Lace. I used a 3.5mm needle and cast on what ended up being the center of the shrug. I then knit both sides out at the same time using a long circular needle.

Tour De Fleece has finished. I did manage to cross the finish line but I was a few days behind the rest of the competitors. I wanted to spin the green fleece that I got from Rhinebeck last year. I managed to finish the green, then I came across some of the pink that I got at the same time. (it had been hiding from me) I finally finished the pink today. Maybe now I can start spinning some of the fleece that has managed to find its way to my stash.

   150 yds. 2 ply

I’m pretty proud of how well this came out. It’s a little thick and thin, but mostly even. I plan to make some baby blankets out of these smaller pieces of handspun. I have some white bucle in the stash that I think will look great. Someday. Definitely not today.

Well, it’s work week. And I have something else going on that’s slowing down my knitting. I still have hopes of putting in a good showing on Summer Stash Dash. I think I can get close if I can work on GM.

Happy Knitting.


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We all need bath mats. They soak up the drips so that we don’t slip. If your life looks like mine they wear out kinda quick. My old bath mat was in pretty sad shape. Oddly, I didn’t know this until I saw a huge(I mean 10 inch) hole in one end of it. I quickly grabbed my size 10 (6mm) needles and a one pound cone of cotton that I got in the P&C clearance sale. 2 very short days later I have a new bath mat.


I’ll make more of these when I decide what the new decorative scheme will be. This quick project adds 250 yds to my total for the 5K and 1 skein to the stash dash. ETA: My math is bad. The teachers must have kept my brain for the summer. This mat is actuallly 328 yards.

 I’m also getting some spinning done while waiting for data to upload. It’s not quick but it is fun. I spent yesterday afternoon playing with my new trindles. Wow, I’m in love. Not that I don’t love my other spindles. Below are the pictures of what I managed on my first day of spinning with the trindle.

single on the bobbin Start of the day middle spinning End of the Day

I’m letting the single rest for a few days then I’ll decide how I’ll ply it. I’m thinking Navajo. Back to work & some more spinning.

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It’s another one of those weeks. Instead of a formal post I’m just putting all my random thoughts into one post.

1. Tour De Fleece starts tomorrow. I have my Trindles ready. I’ll go decide which fiber to spin in a little while. I wanted to finish the green I was spinning but I ran out of time. Maybe I’ll try to finish that first and still spin another braid too. That picture isn’t of my trindles, I borrowed it from the web.

2. I haven’t touched the 2 shawls or the 2 tablecloths I have going in forever weeks. I just don’t have the brain power for charts.

3. Because I haven’t worked on any of my large projects, I don’t think I have much chance in the 5K.

4. I started a bath rug. It’s working up very quick. Large needles & cotton make for quick work. That and it’s a super easy pattern & I don’t need to worry about how much my brain can handle. Because I have been asked to share my secret to this project I’m sharing it here.

Cast on any multiple of 4 stitches that give you the desired size.
Row 1 & 2 – Knit 2 Purl 2 until end.
Row 3 & 4 – Knit across.
Repeat these 4 rows until your bath rug is the desired size.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 once more. Bind off
I don’t block a project like this. Just throw it in the washer & dryer, then drop it on the bathroom floor.

That’s all for now. It will be a busy few days. Hope everyone in the US has a wonderful and safe July 4th.

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It’s the end of the work month, so it’s getting crazier here. But I did manage to create a couple of Knit/Spin Meters. I hope they help me keep track of what I’m doing for the Stash Dash 5k. I have managed to finish my first 2 items.

First up is my SMS.

 Maybe I can get an unblocked picture when the girls get home.

I used Molly’s Toes sock yarn. 100% superwash Merino, 2 ply in the Peach Sorbet colorway.(currently out of stock) I used 73 grams from the skein. This equals about 286 yds for the 5K. I’ve already cast on a pair of socks for my grand baby out of the leftovers.

Next up I have some handspun. I made a 2 ply with this. It’s not bad for an early try. I have 35 yds in a pretty pink that will likely become a baby hat.

It’s a bit uneven but I’m pretty proud of myself.

 Now I’m off to knit for the night. See ya soon.

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Many people have an accessory issue. For me it’s bags. I can’t get enough of them. Big bags, little bags, bags with pockets. You get the picture. My latest bag projects have been for specialty bags. All sizes, that can serve special functions, especially on my wheelchair. But these are truly special.

 They may be a bit difficult to understand for now. Last year, in my travels, I saw a man who had planted flowers in a basket hanging on a fence. I’m having a hard time describing them. So you just have to trust me when I say it got my brain juices flowing. I also bought one of those upside down tomato planter things.  That thing is heavy when full. So what is a crafter to do? I’m making my own for this years garden crop. I’ve wanted a garden again for a long time, but it’s hard for me to do standard gardening. So I’ve come up with a new idea. I’m using up some left over cotton to make small plant bags that will hang off the eves of my garage.

 This area gets lots of sun. Not today in the snow. I think it will be a good place for my plants. I’ll have to wait and see how this experiment works. But I don’t have much to lose. I’ll keep posting pictures to let you know how this works out.

In other crafting news. I’m finished with my portion of the hats.

 I made 16 of these hats. Not all have pom-poms. That may change. They were a quick knit and an easy to remember pattern. The last hat took me as long to finish as the first 3 hats I made. That’s just the nature of the beast. When making so many of something you get sick of doing them and can’t wait to get on to the next thing. They will be so worth the trouble. Another cheer mom is now embroidering them. I doubt that the team reads my blog so  here are pictures of the hats when they’re done.

  Pictures compliments of Shawn. Amazing what you were able to create. I’m honored to help you with this great project.

Now it’s back to work on some planter bags and waiting for someone to drop off some work. See ya all later.

Happy Knitting.

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Bag Lady

I have a bag problem. I’m willing to bet many of us do. But this one could eventually get out of hand.


This is the latest bag I finished. It’s designed to carry long items like rolls of wrapping paper with a strap handle that can attach to my wheelchair. The handle, can clip to the front bag holders I have or hang on the handles on the back of the chair.

   These little bags, that’s the same one, I’m addicted to these. Everyone keeps asking why such small bags? At first I didn’t have a really good answer to that. But in the last few days I’ve been finding so many uses for little bags. Notions at the store, beads at the bead store, and of course….

 Great for little projects.

I’m still working on my secret project. I’m hoping that I can get it finished this weekend. I’m so ready for it to be finished.

Oh well, back to working on this stuff.

Happy Knitting.

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Finishing projects may be the most rewarding and most difficult part of a crafters life. With all the large projects I have going, yes there are more than a few, I needed a small, quick project. At Rhinebeck this year, I splurged and picked up a couple skeins of yarn that just called to me.

Rainbow Shawlette

Yarn : Gypsy Girl Creations

Colorway: Sweet Tarts (discontinued)

Details: 1000% Merino Superwash. Aprox 200 yds.

Needles: 3.75mm

Finished Size: (blocking) 33 in wing span, 22 in down center

Pattern: Patons Lace Pretty Triangle Shawl (it’s the one on the left)

Adjustments: I knit the pattern until I was running low on yarn then switched to the edging chart. It took a little fiddling with to get the edging placed correctly but was well worth the time.  When released from the blocking wires and pins it didn’t shrink much.

I love my new shawlette.


Happy Knitting

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